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Boat Launch/Haul Out

Store Hours

Monday through Saturday
8:00 am - 5:30 pm


Boat Launch and Haul Out

One of the many services we offer is Boat Launch and Haul Out. Many times the need arises where your boat must come out of the water for service, storage or maintenance.  We have the facilities to pull your boat out or launch as needed. Trailers are available and we will block your boat for storage if needed. Please call our parts department for the time and date needed.

Launch/Haul Out Rates

Launch: $110.00 on our trailer / $100.00 on your trailer
Haul Out: $110.00 on our trailer / $100.00 on your trailer
Out of town pick up/drop off: $160.00


For larger marine crafts (over approximately 35 ft.) you will need to contact the City of Cordova to use the Travel lift. Contact the Harbor Master’s office at 907-424-6400.